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College Life

College Life


Chicnova Fashion crewneck shirt
266.580 IDR –

J Brand jeans
1.550.380 IDR –

Converse sneaker
799.740 IDR –

Chicnova Fashion clear glasses
53.315 IDR –

Fjällräven men s fashion
799.740 IDR –


161217’s Playlist


This post got delayed for about 2 months in my draft lmao

But yeah, check out this week playlist from me.

Payung Teduh – Untuk Perempuan Yang Sedang Dalam Pelukan

Try listen to this and suddenly you’ll gonna feel like in a cafe somewhere in Yogyakarta. Lmao idk tho. Also it has one lines that’ll remind me of something. Haha

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150717’s Playlist


here are some of my most(s) played song this week.

WARNING: this may be full of korean song(s).

Cherry Blossom Ending has the spring feels and idek why i played this during summer.

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