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a day in museum

a day in museum

Lacoste blue striped top
1.419.390 IDR –

Oversized jacket
9.814.075 IDR –

Falke socks
216.290 IDR –

Rolled jeans
167.780 IDR –

Converse kohl shoes
654.340 IDR –

Fjällräven logo backpack
1.081.440 IDR –

Lauren Ralph Lauren belt
513.685 IDR –

Round circle glasses
498.815 IDR –


on wednesday we wear black

on wednesday we wear black

Ted baker dress
1.465.890 IDR –

Knee socks
66.740 IDR –

Freespirit Older Girls Assunta Heel Shoes
164.910 IDR –

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Let’s just started.

1. Mad Hatter by Melanie Martinez

Basically all of her Cry Baby album are soooooo good. *insert fire emoji here*
I recommended Dollhouse, Soap (my favorite one), and all of them! Read the rest of this entry