171008’s Playlist



Let’s just started.

1. Mad Hatter by Melanie Martinez

Basically all of her Cry Baby album are soooooo good. *insert fire emoji here*
I recommended Dollhouse, Soap (my favorite one), and all of them! and the whole Cry Baby concept story was brilliant! You should listen to the lyrics too.

2. Tailwhip by Men I Trust

One of Youtube recommendations that surprisingly satisfied me! lol we all knew that sometimes Youtube just recommended a lot of random things. but this one is worth it. trust me. And I always loved this kind of music. so why don’t you take a listen?

3. Time Well Spent by Tom Felton

Yes. I knew it’s Tom Felton a.k.a Draco Malfoy. Yes, he is a singer.

Guitar X Sing X British accent X Tom Felton is a combination of match made in heaven.


4. Come As You Are by Nirvana

Dude, heaven must sounds amazing.
I just loved this song. not to mention that Evan Peters sang this on AHS Freak Show.

5. Some 80s japanese funk

idk what sentence should i write instead of the cliché “I love this bla bla”
it feels nostalgic whenever I heard those songs. even tho i didn’t experience the 80s life.
Midnight Joke by Takako Mamiya will always be my favorite.

6. Lust For Life by Lana Del Rey

Yo it’s Queen Lana time. It’s the #QUEENTIME.
Check out her Lust For Life album. you wouldn’t regret it.



that’s it for today’s playlist. see ya next time.



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