161217’s Playlist


This post got delayed for about 2 months in my draft lmao

But yeah, check out this week playlist from me.

Payung Teduh – Untuk Perempuan Yang Sedang Dalam Pelukan

Try listen to this and suddenly you’ll gonna feel like in a cafe somewhere in Yogyakarta. Lmao idk tho. Also it has one lines that’ll remind me of something. Haha

Red Velvet – Fool

Many says that their ‘Russian Roulette’ album was fail. But hell no? I’m seriously in love with all of the tracks.Such as My Dear,Some Love,Lucky Girl, and this. Seulgi’s last line gave me feels so much.

But, for some reason, you’re weird too.

You keep looking at me, you keep smiling, just like me.


Baek Yerin – That’s Why

Feel familiar with this song? Maybe it’s just me but this song is giving me Ten2Five vibes. Especially with the inst.

Yellow Claw – Till it Hurts

No. Don’t tell me why I put this song here. I just love the beat drop.

Bolbbalgan4 – Galaxy

One word to this song, CUTE. Along with cute lyrics,voice,and music video.

Dean – D (Half Moon)

No Dean no life. My internet boyfie. Lmao. One of my favorite song in 2016.

BTS – Save Me

I don’t know whether I should put this or nah. But yeah this song is currently on my plasylist.

Sejeong – Flower Path

God Sejeong + God Zico? ^%^&#%^@@#$%^&*((*&^
The fact that Zico wrote this song in just fucking ±20 minutes is insane.

That’s it. Maybe I forgot to put on the other songs. See you in my next playlist. Bye



About Arum Sekar K

A communication student who is currently enjoying her youth.

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