150717’s Playlist


here are some of my most(s) played song this week.

WARNING: this may be full of korean song(s).

Cherry Blossom Ending has the spring feels and idek why i played this during summer.

TOP’s singing really gave me goosebumps. that deep voice tho. I recommended you to listen to this song whenever you feel sad or remember your ex. Read the translation.

I just love how sweet Seungri’s voice is on this. but honestly speaking, all of BIGBANG songs on M / A / D album is great. LOSER, BANG BANG BANG, WE LIKE 2 PARTY, and SOBER is 10/10.

Apink’s sidetrack is really good.

yes. I’m one of Producer’s victim. LOL

at the first I knew this from Beenzino’s instagram update. I try to download and then fell in love with the album. Urban Zakapa fighting!

this song was a remake of korean trio rock band Sanulrim’ song with the same tittle which was released in 1984

honestly i want to recommended you guys a hiphop song but recently no hiphop artist got my attention. but Dok2’s Multillionaire album wasn’t bad.




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A communication student who is currently enjoying her youth.

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