lady lady lady


if you listen to this you might thinking “wait this is just some typical 80s love song” YES I KNOW. But, if you listen carefully you’ll feel some strange nostalgia feeling especially at the synthesizer.

I first know this song from Call Me By Your Name (great movie, i really love the ‘natural’ atmosphere) when Elio watches Oliver slow dancing with other woman, I don’t know why but that scene with this music really makes me feel ugghh i can’t explain it.

here’s the song


the end of college life?

time flies too fast. cliché, but it’s true


been 3 years since i started college life. aaaaand pretty much the same as everyone’s college life.

almost hit the final semester though. god how old i am? oh right 20.

and now I’m doing my internship at some office in my hometown (yes i didn’t leave this shithole town, too bad) so far it’s been one week. yeah i know it’s too early to write about. people seems nice so far. but let’s see if one of them is starts to get on my nerve but let’s hope not.

wish me luck


polyvore’s rant


so, I just knew, since April this year Polyvore, the website that most of fashion enthusiasts has gone. More specifically, has been acquired with fashion retailer, Sense.


Ugh. my years of works and blogposts are gone just like that.  That’s why this blog couldn’t show my previous polyvore posts and it’s unavailable now.

So thank you Polyvore for betraying us.

Sincerely, someone who has been a member for years.